Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Prologue: My First 100 Miler!

The Pacific Coast Trail Run (PCTR) Headlands Hundred is scheduled for August 9-10, 2008 and I am slated to run it. The entrants page on the event website even confirms it. I check it occasionally -- sometimes due to boredom, sometimes to remind myself of the gravity of the endeavour -- nevertheless, I check it. In fact, I'll check it again. Right here.

Anyway, this race will be a milestone for me. My longest distance to date, in fact. I ran the Laurel Highlands 70 miler in Pennsylvania in mid-June as a training run and aside from unexpected chafing, 12 hours of rain, and the consumption of more TUMS in one day than I had consumed the previous 30.5 years, it went well. With that, however, if I manage the first 70 miles of the Headlands Hundred much like I managed Laurel Highlands, a sub-27 hour time may be a possibility -- albeit finishing under the cutoff (32 hours) remains the paramount goal. My brilliant girlfriend will crew and pace me. She is pictured here (pre-Laurel Highlands).

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