Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lackadaisical Training = Quasi-Muffin Top

Running a 100 mile ultramarathon then not running for a few months thereafter -- at least at a level necessary to maintain race (even a 50k) fitness -- has many consequences, the physical being the most apparent. I occasionally run with a waist hydration pack and, when warm and humid out, half-naked, too (read: shirtless). Although I would hardly characterize my body as a hard one, it is (or was?), a lanky one so when I found myself on a semi-long run, half-naked, and frequently pinching the beginnings of a quasi-muffin top my mind waffled between alarm and disgust. Is it the beer? All the Thai curry? The late night helping of Ghirardelli chocolate chips? Or maybe the stress that follows from a shift in academic programs? Or maybe (gasp), a manifestation of my, my...age? Either way, I've since beefed up my ab workout -- 11 situps instead of the previous 10 -- but I suspect that the acquisition of a bona fide six pack (not the two pack of Schlitz I currently sport) will require, say, 100 situps per day. And two-and-a-half minutes of plank. Nevertheless, if the gangly runner guy wants to run the trails, streets, and sidewalks of DC this summer half-naked, a quasi-muffin top is unacceptable. The pasty white chest -- OK. The four inch biceps -- OK. But a muffin top? Not OK.