Friday, February 19, 2010

Garmin Connect

I received a GARMIN Forerunner 205 as a birthday gift from my girlfriend last October and although I've been using it religiously since -- knowing the exact distance run, average pace, and calories burned after each run is quite addicting -- although I had yet to take advantage of the PC-interface capabilities the device offers. Until now. I intended to upload the CD into my laptop and use whatever software came w/ the Forerunner, but while skimming the leaflets from the product box, a GARMIN-affiliated website ( was advertised to "Unleash the power of your Forerunner". OK, sure...unleash, unlock, unbuckle, unzip, unbutton, whatever. Anyway, I accessed the website and it has been superseded by GARMIN Connect ( In spite of the slight detour, however, the site is kick ass. After tooling around for a bit, I uploaded all of my 2010 runs thus far and was slightly disappointed to learn that I've only run 22 times this year for a whopping 136.92 miles. And I fancy myself an ULTRA-runner? Not with these numbers! The site's other notable capabilities (in addition to the sobering reality check) include a Google Map of each run, elevation gain/loss, and the ability to search their database of uploaded activities. I'm not entirely sure how this site will affect my running -- training log? motivation? repository of running routes? -- nevertheless, I'm excited to experiment with it and see what comes of it.

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