Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not to be confused...

with the man who really embodies gangly and half-naked.  When I created the predecessor to this blog (ganglyhalfnakedrunnerguy that then changed to ganglypastyendurance -- neither of which still exist) , I wasn't yet aware of the running exploits of the gifted Anton Krupicka -- a runner as talented as they come and a helluva writer, too -- but had I been, I may have re-considered my running blog name and identity.  Anton runs shirtless so much of the time that it has become, effectively, his trademark.  And given what seems to be his somewhat moderate caloric intake (read his FAQs), his gangliness is practically a foregone conclusion.  But be that as it may, my blog is what it is, my running accomplishments are what they are (a very generous use of the term there), and whatever half-naked gangliness I possess -- a fraction of Anton's -- it is nevertheless inspired by his running philosophy and love of the trails.

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