Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pre-Proposal Template, Final

On to development and writing of the proposal!  (That doesn't seem to justify any sense of elation, but given how long it took me to conceive of this topic -- waaaaaay longer than it should have? -- I might as well soak it up.  Little victories!)

Anyway, in a previous post I provided a template for a pre-proposal:  a four to six page document outlining the proposed research topic, why it's important, and how the research question will be answered.  Since that time, I had to pare the pre-proposal down into a two page document (three including a reference page) for circulation to the network of clinicians that own the data and although not as comprehensive as the first pre-proposal, I think this version constitutes a good "final".  (Now let's hope the network approves the research topic.)
Here's to the permanent archival of my pre-proposal and with it, a more focused development and assembly of the actual proposal...

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