Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Reel Deal

A guest columnist over at iRunFar just posted an article about the evolution and maturity of running videos and how their quality is improving and their appeal is broadening.  I think that may be understating it.  I've posted links to videos before featuring Anton Krupicka and Killian Journet and although those two focus on two specific athletes, these two videos are more general.  The first one was put together by Matt Hart and is, essentially, a celebration of mountain and trail running.  Awesome.  The second is an ultrarunner's contribution to the budding "Sh*t __________ Say" videos sprouting up all over YouTube.  Pretty amusing. 

Props for the song selection on this one:

My favorite line:  "If you can run a marathon you can run a 50k."  Ha! 

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