Friday, May 4, 2012

Epidemiology to Econometrics?

In an uncanny turn of events, one of the statistical techniques I'll be using for my dissertation figures somewhat prominently in a field I have some exposure to:  econometrics.  In a previous academic life, I once envisioned the adult me working as a consultant, analyst, statistician, or -- if I wanted the work to sound more important and glorious than it really was -- as an econometrician.  And in order to get where I wanted to go, I majored in economics then immediately followed my BS with a masters in statistics, emphasis in econometrics.  I liked econometrics well enough but I like epidemiology more and it turns out that I'll need them both for one of the statistical analyses in my dissertation:  Poisson regression for non-negative, skewed dependent variables.  I have a biostatistics textbook that touches on Poisson regression but not to the extent and detail that I need and while lurking around the internet I found an econometric text published by Springer and written by Rainer Winkelmann that may prove quite helpful:  Econometric Analysis of Count Data.  I have another text on order but this one -- if embedded into a HTML page -- is freely and fully available from Scribd so like any cost-conscious graduate student, I wrote this blog post and embedded the book such that I (and you) can read, reference, and scroll through the book from this blog post.  Cheers to electronically available textbooks! 
Eco No Metric Analysis of Count Data

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