Monday, May 21, 2012


On Saturday I ran 21 miles through the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald) as part of my training for a 60k race in late-June.  I started in $Nu\beta dorf$ (the terminus of the D tram), climbed up to Leopoldsberg, traversed over to Kahlenberg, then dropped off the ridge onto the backside and eventually snaked my way over to $H\ddot{u}tteldorf$ (the terminus of the U4) by way of Exelberg, Sofienalpe, and Mostalm.  The last few miles were run on pavement along the Vienna River.  This is the second time I've run (more or less) this route, although the next time I set off counter-clockwise around the city, I need to pay more attention to the trail signage so that I don't miss the turnoff for the Stadtrundweg trail.  This trail apparently circumnavigates the city of Vienna via the Vienna Woods with a distance of 100k+.  While asking a helpful elderly woman on Saturday for clarification on my location she mentioned that the Stadtrundweg trail is accessible from Sofienalpe or Mostalm.  I vaguely remember seeing some signage indicating as much but the significance of what I was looking at didn't register until after this lady mentioned it.  Oh time.  As for my lower legs -- knees, calves, and Achilles heels -- I felt pretty solid.  I'm regularly stretching my hamstrings as well as working to increase my hip mobility -- both of which seem to be helpful in staving off any further injury or downtime.  I've also adopted a little bit more forward-lean while running -- a tip I picked up from a video on perfect(?) running form.  Here's to the changes I've incorporated keeping me upright, running, and healthy for the indefinite future.

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