Friday, June 1, 2012

Evolution and Origin of AIDS

I just finished reading Jacques Pepin's highly-researched "The Origins of AIDS".  Any claim that this book isn't grounded on solid scholarship would be utterly baseless.  Dr. Pepin clearly has a handle on what's been written about the origins of AIDS and has managed to collate all(?) of the material published, synthesized the prevailing theories, marshaled what data still exists, and where gaps remain, he makes reasonable conjectures.  The length of the book is fairly modest but the material and its presentation are dense.  Dr. Pepin clearly isn't a journalist so don't expect this book to read like a NY Times Magazine article:  he is a clinician and an academic so expect the book to read and flow like a journal article. 

Given the density of the information in the book --- this topic is naturally complicated --- I wanted to distill it down to (what I consider) the essentials.  So I made a picture.  (I also figure this will help improve my long-term memory retention.)   

Disclaimer:  My rendition of the origins of AIDS, although based solely on Dr. Pepin's work, in no way reflects the depth of his scholarship since I had to take some liberties with respect to what I'd include.  There was only so much white-space available. 
Graphic created by cjt using information adapted from "The Origins of AIDS" (Jacques Pepin)

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