Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Copenhagen Half-Marathon

Partly sunny day in Copenhagen
As with the previous half-marathon Lisa and I ran together, I proposed trying to run sub-two hours.  And like the last time, she didn't answer yes or no.  We just ran.  But unlike the last time, we broke two hours...and not by just a few seconds.  Lisa ran a solid 1:58:22 and I followed behind with 1:58:23.  She ran a great race, especially since the week leading up to the race she was only able to run one day.  Perhaps the minimal miles, along with the full spread of sushi the night before (gorge on pasta?  Ha!), were key.  As for me, I felt good and solid the entire time but since this wasn't a peak race for me --- the Worthersee 57k on September 22nd is --- I didn't want to overdo it.  The course featured a lot of turns, bottlenecks, and some cobblestone so I liked it but Lisa, not so much.  (It must not have been too objectionable, though, because she broke her half-marathon personal best!)  All in all, the race was well-organized, the course scenic, and the support spectacular.

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