Friday, January 25, 2013

Statistics: A 15 Minute Primer

My insanely productive and brilliant friend called me a couple of days ago and mentioned that he was giving a 15 minute presentation on statistics to the medical residents in his division and he wanted to know if I had any old presentations lying around.  Unfortunately, my external hard drive crashed several months ago and I lost several hundred files --- slide sets, PDFs, course handouts, etc. --- that would have been perfect for what he needed so I was unable to give him an already-assembled presentation.  As I was lamenting the loss (and slow recovery) of so many of my files, I started playing around with $\LaTeX$, leafing through a few of my statistics books, then ended up putting together a short (and superficial) presentation on statistics.  This presentation is quite soft on the statistics --- rigorous it certainly isn't! --- but I was relatively pleased with the Beamer theme I used, Warsaw.  Assembling this presentation probably wasn't the best use of my time but once I got started I was loathe to abandon it, especially since it began as an exercise in using Beamer but evolved into trying to reduce a discipline as rich, rewarding, and vast as statistics into a mere 15 minutes.  This is my feeble attempt.  

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