Friday, November 1, 2013

F5, F6, and F7 in SAS

I've started working in SAS much more now that I'm reporting to an office job everyday.  (Not that full-time work on a dissertation isn't a job, but I digress...)  Anyway, I don't like to switch from the keyboard to the mouse to click on a different window while working in SAS --- I usually Ctrl+Tab between the windows but if you have multiple programming (Editor) windows open or you don't want to tab through the Explorer or Results windows then this can get cumbersome.  A quick Google search of SAS shortcut keys took me to a SAS help page where I learned these gems:

F5:  Directly tabs to the programming (Editor) window(s)
F6:  Directly tabs to the Log window
F7:  Directly tabs to the Output window.

I suppose moving the hands from the keyboard to the mouse isn't that much work but if you're doing it dozens, hundreds even, of times a day, the effort (and annoyance) can add up.

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