Sunday, July 24, 2016

Promise Land 50k++: Another Race PR

This race report is really late but I suppose, as the expression goes, better late than never.

At any rate, this was a good day for me even though I exasperated some soreness on the lateral side of my right foot and ended up at the podiatrist within a week for x-rays and a prescription for pharmacy-grade anti-inflammatory (I also had to take a two week break from running and wear a foot brace for ~2 weeks).  

But back to the "good" part of this day:  In 2015 I beat my 2008 time (first time running this race) by 15 minutes and this year I bested my 2015 time by six minutes, crossing the finish line in 6:39:28. As with the previous two times running this race, Lisa and I stayed at a local motel which meant getting to the start area around 4:30am.  When I arrived I checked in and got my number then used the port-a-potty for what, I hoped, would be my only trip.  My stomach still didn't feel right, though, so when the race started I decided not to chance it and hit the port-a-john *again* on the way out of the start/finish corral.  When I finished in the john I was well behind every runner so I spent the next 15-20 minutes trying to regain some ground I had lost.  I eventually got back to what seemed like a reasonable position and settled into my usual routine of running the flats & descents and power-hiking the ascents.  (NOTE:  I determined my stomach wonkiness before this race, and others, was because of the GU Brew I was drinking the night and morning before the race.  I threw the rest of it out when I returned home and didn't have this problem at my next race, the Laurel Highlands 70m.)  

Aside from the stomach surliness in the morning and low-level soreness on my right foot during the race, things went pretty well.  Among 304 finishers, I was 92nd.  Here's to another PR next year!

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